Ask About Periodontal Scaling and Root Planing

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The damaging effects of tartar build-up are fairly well noted. The majority of people know what a cavity is and how they are formed. However, there are other medical issues that happen as a result due to tartar build up. One of the less talked about conditions is periodontal disease.

This disease begins as a bacterial infection from tartar buildup that eventually spreads down into your gums, causing redness and inflammation. After making its way into the gums, if untreated, the infection begins to attack the bones surrounding your teeth, causing the bones to lose their density. After this happens the teeth will loosen and fall out.

A scaling and root planing treatment is necessary to fight off periodontal disease. During this treatment, large portions of the bacteria are removed. This removal is accomplished by scraping away at the biofilm and plaque that is attached to the affected teeth. Regular brushing and flossing will prevent the buildup of tartar from happening and is your best option in preventing periodontal disease.

All though the bacteria causing periodontal disease can be removed, the disease itself cannot be eradicated. It is important for someone with periodontal disease who undergoes a scaling and root planing to take extra care to clean their mouths regularly with brushing and flossing. Vigorous and regular cleaning will prevent further outbreaks.

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