Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Damage

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Preparing your smile for optimum oral health includes having an effective oral hygiene routine in place as well as minimizing the dental damage risks that can occur. Several risk factors in your life could be putting your smile at an increased risk of oral accidents or injuries. To help minimize these risks, and in some cases eliminate them altogether, you can set forth an effective prevention treatment plan. Listed below are frequently asked questions regarding common dental damage risk factors:

Question: What does dental damage refer to?
Answer: Dental damage refers to the harm caused to your teeth, gums, head, neck or facial areas due to outside influences. Although the risks of dental damage are often noted and treated on the microscopic level via oral hygiene routines, physical trauma can occur as well, which is often left untreated.

Question: What are some of the benefits of dental damage prevention?
Answer: By preventing damage, in the form of effective techniques and prevention plans, you can drastically lower the risk from blunt trauma or oral accidents.

Question: What is one of the best methods for treating dental damage?
Answer: To help treat dental damage, you will need to visit our dentist for the necessary restorations or repairs. However, dental damage can often be mitigated by wearing the necessary oral appliances in the form of mouth guards and helmets.

Question: How can I prevent further damage?
Answer: To help prevent further dental damage, always limit unhealthy risks in your life, including activities you may be involved in.

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