How to Treat Gum Disease

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Many adults in America will contract some form of gum disease. The majority of gum disease cases are mild, but some can cause lasting damage. If a gum disease goes untreated it can damage the tissue as well as cause tooth loss. By treating gum disease early, you can reverse its effects and prevent lasting damage.

Gum disease is best treated in its early stages through a professional dental cleaning. Gum disease is caused by plaque, and having it cleaned away rids the patient of gum disease. Some patients may need to come in more than twice yearly to be cured.

If the gum disease has progressed too far, a deeper cleaning such as a root planing or scaling will be needed. During a root planing, your dentist will smooth over rough places in the roots of your teeth to prevent plaque buildup. A scaling treatment involves the dentist cleaning out plaque and tartar that have accumulated under the gum line. Patients are administered anesthesia during both treatments and typically are rid of gum disease after their completion.

If the case is too far progressed for any of these, your periodontist, Dr. Vivian Hudson is needed and he may suggest bone or tissue grafts.

The best treatment is to prevent gum disease by using proper oral care. If you have questions about treating gum disease, please give us a call at Hudson Dental Care in Smyrna, Georgia.