Practical Oral Health Care: Chewing Gum

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Are you familiar with the benefits chewing gum can provide? Chewing gum is an extremely popular nonabrasive cleaning tool when used after eating. The reason that chewing gum is so helpful is that it is both a fun activity for children and can prove to be helpful for removing several health risks that are often present.

Several oral health risks can arise due to products you are consuming. However, you can also use alternative treatments to make sure they minimize the effects that they can cause to your mouth. Due to the risk of dry mouth and other issues associated with a lack of saliva, consider using products such as chewing gum to help increase saliva flow. With an increase in saliva flow, you can help prevent cavities and other issues in your body including heartburn. Any time acids are in your mouth, try chewing sugarless gum to help minimize their effects by neutralizing the acids and rinsing out your mouth. Because sugarless chewing gum is nonabrasive, it is often most effective after eating, as studies have shown that chewing sugarless gum after meals can help prevent cavities.

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