Root Canal Treatment Can Save Your Tooth

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What if we told you that root canal treatment is not as bad as what you have heard? Would you believe it? The truth is that, for many people, root canal therapy is no worse than having a cavity filled, and root canals are performed quite frequently to preserve damaged teeth. Dr. Vivian Hudson and our team are pleased to provide information about root canals and root canal retreatment to help you determine if you would benefit from these procedures.

We may suggest that you receive root canal therapy if decay has affected the inner portion of a tooth. Tooth decay can affect the nerves and the roots of your teeth, making root canal therapy the only way to save the tooth. Treating your smile is much more preferable to replacing a tooth.

Close to 15 million American patients receive root canals in every year, so if you choose to receive a root canal, you are not alone. Furthermore, there is a 95% success rate for root canal therapy. Root canal treatment is performed so that a tooth can last a lifetime, but there are situations such as dental trauma or recurring infection where a root canal may need to be performed again. In this case, Dr. Vivian Hudson can retreat the tooth.

Please feel free to call 770-438-1520 today and speak with our team at 770-438-1520 if you are interested in receiving root canal treatment in Smyrna, Georgia. Our skilled dentist would be happy to treat your smile and help you achieve excellent oral health.