Treating Tooth Impaction for a Healthier Smile

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Have you experienced the eruption of a tooth in the wrong spot? While this unfortunate occurrence is not uncommon, impacted teeth require treatment because they can affect your whole mouth. The definition of an impacted tooth is one that fails to erupt through the gums, remaining trapped within the gum tissue. This can lead to oral cysts and cause damage to any surrounding teeth. We offer a review of treating tooth impaction to improve your oral health and prevent further dental complications.

While the most common victims of impaction are the wisdom teeth, this condition can also occur commonly in the canines, also known as the maxillary cuspids, which are your pointy teeth located between the molars and incisors. Early detection can make a lot of difference in the success and severity of your treatment. If the canines fail to erupt normally, our dentist at Hudson Dental Care can utilize dental X-rays to locate the tooth position and determine if it is being obstructed for any reason.

To treat canine impaction, he may need to remove any gum tissue covering the tooth so that the tooth can erupt normally. You have a complex case, it may require an orthodontic attachment that we bond to the tooth to guide it into its proper position using constant gentle force. The process of treating an impacted canine may require a few months or even up to a year.

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