Superior Smiles Include Preventing Oral Health Risk Factors for Teens

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Building your best smile includes making sure your smile is safe at all levels. For young adults, especially teens, it is important to establish oral health care treatments early on. The last of the adult teeth, the wisdom teeth, will be growing in, which means no more adult teeth will ever arrive. Thus, you will need to begin strengthening your teeth for decades to come. Not only should you be aware of cleaning habits, but also lifestyle habits to keep your smile safe from oral accidents and injuries.

When your wisdom teeth grow in, it is important to look for any issues associated with it. During eruption, they might not fully grow in, or they can alter a person’s smile. This can include tooth decay, infection, or they can produce minor malocclusions in the form of crossbites. Visit your dentist for an examination to make sure wisdom teeth are growing in as intended.

Another high-risk factor for a teen’s oral health is through the use of sports. Sports can destroy your smile in seconds if you’re not careful. This is especially true with contact sports. Always make sure you’re wearing the necessary safety gear. This includes mouth guards, face masks, or any other oral appliance or device that can keep your smile safe. Not only do you need to protect your teeth and gums, but your jaw should also be guarded at all times.

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